Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Robert Pattinson by Hedi Slimane
for Another Man A/W 2009

I feel like I need to pre-fix this post by stating
that i'm NOT obsessed with Twilight.
I mean, I saw the movie, I liked the movie
but that's about the extent of it.

But I DO happen to think that Robert Pattinson is HOT.
So I wanted to post these shots by Hedi Slimane, who pretty much
turns everything he touches (or photographs) into gold.
RP seriously looks like James Dean incarnate.
I think it's love.

Happy Wednesday Hump-Day!

P.S Thanks for all of your comments on the last post.
I haven't replied to anyone yet as I put my back out on the weekend
so i've been VERY absent from my computer.
All better now tho so will hop to it!


Michely said...

loooove it

ella said...

He is gorgeous here, but he's a pretty terrible actor in my opinon.

oriwa said...

you don't have to be a twilight fanatic to find RP insanely attractive, count me in!

These shots are wonderful

x oriwa editorial

Jordan Clarke said...

Haha - I totally understand that! I went to see Twilight in Gold Class just to avoid all the tweens in the regular cinema.

I think he was inspired by James Dean for his character. And thank goodness - he totally nails it. He is an absolute dish - exactly my type. No where can I find a lookalike??

Kelly said...

^ Haha Jordan if I did chances are I wouldn't tell you!

Lola said...

Those are gorgeous shots, he does look amazing! Thanks for sharing.

I waited to go see Twilight until it was almost out of the cinemas, I didn't think I could put up with all the fangirls.



too true...extremely james dean like...

LoveMore said...

jesus he is just too hot. JD is love. love it.

and OMG you actually did hurt yourself? i thought you were just like being not serious! ow hope you are ok!!!

xxx Bel

hush & whisper said...

there are so many things right with this post right now.
for starters, YES JAMES DEAN. & also, HEDI SLIMANE IS WIN. forever. just, forever.
i love it. (:
& i am sorry that the twilight fanbase is portrayed as this crazy fan girling obsessing group that makes everyone cringe so that people who mention anything at all relating even slightly to said book/film will suddenly go under attack, & i dunno what i am going on about, but i enjoyed your post. (:

Nichol Brooklyn said...

OMG!!! Robert Pattinson is HOT as! thanks for posting this up. that totally makes my day.

if only aussie boys look like that, particularly those from Adelaide.

i gotta say. these shots are GOLD!

CHICMUSE said...



Angeles Almuna Design said...

Well, the pictures are really good, he is handsome and probably with some similarities to James Dean, rebel, actor and...mmmmmmmmmm something else...

netta and her diary said...

hedi slimane's is always so brilliant and oh boys robert is handsome. and kelly, i've followed your blog for a long time, never commented, but now I just wanna tell you that your illustrations are my favs at the moment. <3

Kelly said...

^ Awww thank you :) x

j-shan said...

oh i love it!
twilight fan and all.
rp is so gorgeous!
thanks for sharing

Rachel said...

tried to resist for so long, but okay...holycrapthatmanisfreakingBEAUTIFUL!

Kelly said...

^ Haha I know what you mean.
Sometimes things just NEED to be said.

Natascha said...

ok, i never thought it before now... but boy he is HOT!