Thursday, April 26, 2012


So i'm back from Japan, and I had the best time.
So much to share over the next few weeks, a lot of which
relates to my trip, which is really nice.
I met some people that I had worked with previously,
which was such a nice experience.
I so rarely get the opportunity to meet the amazing talent that I get to collaborate
with so it was super special to do it.

I can't even begin to describe how inspiring a place Tokyo is.
It's an explosion of style, colour and beauty.
Lucky for me I have some really incredible jobs to get started on now that i'm home
so I can put all of this inspiration to good use.

So for now, please enjoy a few pictures from my travels.
(Namely an abundance of cherry blossoms, stationary, and magazines.)


Jarkynai Ashirbekova said...

Wow! Interesting! Nice beginning. Can't wait to hear (i mean read XD) your other Tokio stories))

Me salen alas (si me paras los pies...) said...

Pfff !!!I LIKE JAPAAAAAAANNN!!!! Good post ;D
Kisses from Spain.

Hug said...

sounds amazing!
how luck r u!!!
can't wait to read more about your trip

aliengirl- louise drawings said...

Very nice pictures! :D
I like that panda you have!

Mani said...

Looking forward to hearing about the trip! Tokyo really is an amazing place :)

KitKel said...

The cherry blossoms are beautiful. <3

Daydream Lily said...

look at all the stationery!! fun explosion!!

Amelia said...

pretty pictures!! I'm glad you had a great time in Japan :D

Marite said...

Just found your blog - and I'm so amazed - you have one of the most inspiring and gorgeous blogs I have ever seen ^^ and your photography and artworks are spectacular and mesmerizing ^^


Don't Think Twice said...

those pictures are really beautiful! the first one is so relaxing...^^



just found our blog, and like it a lot, follow you already :D

Kia Sue said...

I want to go there too, in time. Nice pictures :)