Thursday, February 21, 2013


 Sometimes in this biz a client will ask you to pitch or test for a certain job
to get an idea of how well you fit together, or so they can visualise a concept.
Every now and then the job doesn't eventuate, or the pitch is unsuccessful,
and the final illustration, like a deleted scene, ends up on the cutting room floor.
Sad face.
This is a test illo I did recently for a client, which I had a lot of fun doing!
So, even though the job didn't quite pan out, I still wanted to share it.
It's a different style for me - much more pared back and unfinished.
But I really love it, so I think I might do more like this.
Hope you like!


hannah said...

Love it!


of course I like it a lot, impossible for me to draw like that :)

Claudia Leb said...

I like it, I do not think it looks unfinished.

bon. said...

so pretty. love the pop of colour on the heels.

Rebecca said...

I know you probably haven't even though much of it, but I have to say who who pass on this :) Any project that could include some birdy and me illustrations is better for it...ah well, glad we get to enjoy it Kelly!

yammie said...

sorry the project didn't pan out but just have to say I love this illustration!

From Tiffany With Love said...

Always love your work. Sorry you didn't get the one!

Kelly said...

Thanks for all of your lovely comments, guys. Glad you like the illo and different style :)



Isa Loren said...

Draw your DREAMS!
I follow you :)

NATALIA NAZIMEK (nthlee) said...

love your works!!

Kelly O said...

Love it! I'd buy it if you ever decide to put it up on your online store.