Tuesday, April 16, 2013

velvet HEART

Velvet Heart
Styled by Taegan Reid & Karissa Fanning / Photographed by Ali Mitton
Model - Ksenia (Chic) / Hair & Make-Up by Abbey Love

When I saw the newest editorial on The Lane last week,
Velvet Heart, I immediately fell in love!

I'm in hardcore planning mode for my wedding next Summer, and the gowns and make-up
struck me immediately, as both are similar to what I've been cooing over.
But then, putting my Illustrator cap back on, the photographs sang out to me,
 the way they sometimes do, as perfect reference material;
a monochromatic/nude palette with bursts of plummy/pink colour.

I emailed Karissa at The Lane and asked if she'd mind much me illustrating
some of these beautiful images.
 "They're so me," I said. "Blooms, beauty, lace and pink."
I was so happy that she obliged and I'm excited to share them with you.
Once again, they're a little more pared back than usual,
focusing much more on the colour and the more intricate features.
I hope you like.

Make sure you check out the full original editorial on The Lane's website HERE
for more of these stunning images featuring gowns by the amazing Jane Hill,



shades of voguish said...

love them! so inspiring!


greengrass said...

soo soo beautiful!

laura redburn // cardboardcities said...

the second illustration is especially stunning!

RDYN! said...

These are gorgeous.
I sure these would inspire your own wedding.
I love your illustrations.

Kelly said...

Thanks guys. So glad you like them, such beautiful images to work from.

Jenna said...

Are these for sale? I would love to purchase one.

I HA said...

Oh my gosh, these are amazing!